Pint Shop Birmingham -

Meat // Bread // Beer

38 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, B2 5SN

What's On

Opened in October 2018 Pint Shop Birmingham is the second bar in the growing Pint Shop family; offering a sleek and modern take on the original “beer house” concept from the 1800s…

Situated on Bennetts Hill their home is a former office built circa 1860 which has been transformed into a temple of beer.  Modern beer is the focus here served from both cask and keg alike.  Breweries both from afar and more close to home make regular appearances on the bar.  There is much more to this bar than meets the eye though; upstairs is a fast paced restaurant serving constantly evolving seasonal food to match the calibre of the drinks on offer downstairs.

Opening Times

  • Monday - Wednesday - 12.00 - 23.00
  • Thursday - Friday - 12.00 - 00.00
  • Saturday - 11.00 - 00.00
  • Sunday - 11.00 - 23.00

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