GlassHouse Beer Co. -

Glasshouse Beer Co is a small independent nano-brewery hailing from Kings Heath, now based in Stirchley.

Unit 6b Waterside Business Park, Stirchley, Birmingham, B30 3DR

What's On

We brew hop forward experimental beers with an ever growing range. We adopt an experimental pedagogy to brewing as will be evidenced by our upcoming releases. Expect some big fruit infusions, stouts, sours & big dank juicy IPAs (we love haze!)

Our beer is unfined, unfiltered and for the most part vegan (apart from choccy milk stout). We endeavour to brew the best beers we are humanly capable of, we actively source the freshest/newest ingredients to put our GlassHouse stamp on the ever growing Birmingham craft beer scene.

We love Birmingham, our beer is brewed in Birmingham for Birmingham.

Glasshouse Beer co, beer with vibes.

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