Halton Turner Brewing Company -

A new Brewery and Taproom based in Hall Green, Birmingham

Unit 5, 270 Lakey Lane, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8RA

Craft Beer.

We’ve heard it all before.

Everyone wants to make brilliant beer, everyone wants to educate, everyone wants to end up like BrewDog.

The first of those two statements should be a given. No-one should EVER sell bad beer, and as the craft scene is still growing, everyone SHOULD be educating the people who are drinking it. It’s not good enough anymore to have the ‘Make it and they will come’ attitude.
We’ve looked at this whole scene and think it’s time for a wiggle. Craft beer can be pretentious, and the venues ooze with the whiff of homemade, inviting people with attitudes made at home, to be pretentious amongst others.

What’s wrong with enjoying the incredible flavours of both traditional and craft ales, in a fun, lively, and creative environment? Here at the Halton Turner Brewing Company we believe that the things that made pubs great in the old days are missing from the revolution that is happening now and we’re going to change it.

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