Bonehead -

Fried Chicken & Craft Beer

8 Lower Severn St, Birmingham B1 1PU

What's On

Probably the most anticipated opening of 2018 is all about chicken. The menu’s got four types of wings, but we’re pointing you in the direction of the hot head’s take on the Bonehead burger — it’s spicy, but it’s also sweet, and it involves cheese. A fully loaded side of waffle fries is kind of obligatory in terms of side orders, whatever you opt for, and it’s all ever-so-‘gramable. It’s a no reservation sort of deal, but there’s a good-sized bar to look after you while you wait. Keep ‘em peeled for pop-ups and regular specials.

(Article from Shortlist)


Opening Times

  • Wednesday - Thursday - 4pm - 10pm
  • Friday - Saturday - 12pm - 11pm
  • Sunday - 12pm - 5pm

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