Stirchley Wines & Spirits x CANEAT present: 60kilos - 26th July

5pm - 10pm

60 kilos [or 132.277 pounds] but why the name “60kilos” you ask… well it’s a reference to caneat’s new ice machine and how much ice it produces in a day! Simple really.


Stirchley Wines & Spirits and caneat present an evening exploring Pan Asian food and influenced beer!

caneat’s Dominic Clarke and his team will be cooking up some inspired bites to accompany a selection of beers chosen by Stirchley Wines & Spirits.

This is an unticketed affair, just turn up and dig in!

Menu (all served as small plate options)

♦Grilled Cambodian Beef Sausage
♦Market Fish Laab
♦Hot Hot Hot Wings
♦Mushroom Mapo Tofu, Chilli Cheese, Mayan Gold Potatoes
♦Braised Greens
♦Pickle Plate
♦Lotus Crisps w/ Nam Prik Aioli

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