Omnipollo Soft Serve - 19th - 28th July

Please serve ice cold!


Head of Steam, Birmingham have got a slushie machine and a cellar full of Omnipollo…you know what that means? OMNIPOLLO SOFT SERVE!

To celebrate Birmingham Beer Week they will be soft serving 2 Omnipollo beers every day ’till they run run out!


Join HOS for an incredible line up of beer, all topped off with delicious beer slush!


▲ PLEROMA – Raspberry Crème Brulee Sour // 6%
▲ ANIARA – Lemon Pale Ale // 6%
▲ BIANCA – Mango Lassi Gose // 6%
▲ RASPBERRY ANIARA – Raspberry & Lemon Pale Ale // 6%
▲ FLORA – Micro Flora Dry Hopped Summer Wheat Sour // 3.5%
▲ ANAGRAM – Imperial Blueberry Cheesecake Stout // 12%

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