Besse. A Trilogy. - 26th July

Infinite Opera in collaboration with Dig Brew Co. and Grand Union are bringing back Besse the opera.



A Trilogy.

Water, Hops & Rye.

Besse lives in medieval England on the cusp of social change. She is in love with beer and the independence it affords her as she follows in the footsteps and traditions of the brewing goddesses and brewsters of the Sumerian civilization over 5000 years before her.

The year is 1348 AD and England is a changing land. If Besse does not act fast the power of beer will soon be taken from her. Against the backdrop of the Black Death and tortured by accusations of witchcraft she must navigate her way through the difficult and dangerous world that surrounds her to practice the art of fermentation to its greatest heights.

Each opera will form part of a trilogy telling the dramatic and emotional story of Besse’s devotion to the art of beer making and her fight for freedom.

All 3 parts will be performed in one night.

The “Inclusive Ticket” will include food and drink throughout the performance.  Performance Only tickets are also available.

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