Little Urban BBQ Crawfish Boil - 21st July


Crawfish, Crawdad, Crayfish, Yabbies, Mountain Lobster or Mudbugs, whatever you want to call them, we got them by the bucket load!


As part of Birmingham beer week, Little Urban BBQ and Attic Brew Co. are bringing you a one-off special event like no other seen in Birmingham before!

We’ll have a special beer brewed to compliment the event with, more details to be announced soon!

What is a Crawfish Boil?

During Crawfish Season, Louisiana folk throw huge parties, where mountains upon mountains of succulent local crawfish are boiled up with potatoes, spicy smoked sausage and corn in huge vats of rich Cajun spiced broth.
The feast is then emptied onto large tables covered in newspaper and devoured! This is a rough and ready feast for everyone, in the true spirit of the American South, with picklebacks on arrival and BBQ grilled peaches to finish off.

Tickets are £29.50pp (plus fees) and will be strictly limited to ensure a feast for all!

We are using British caught, wild American Signal Crayfish. These are not only the same species as they use in Louisiana but are an invasive species in UK waters. So, by catching and eating them we are all helping to protect our native “white-clawed” Crayfish who are now classified as an endangered species.
Get your tickets now to avoid disappointment!

Tickets include access to our Crawfish Boil, a shot of pickleback cocktail on arrival and BBQ peaches desert.

Taproom will be open from 12:00, with food service from 13:00

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