Birmingham Brewing Co. Tap Room - 27th & 28th July

Birmingham Brewing Co. are opening their doors for #BrumBW18


They have vegan and gluten free streetfood from Green Sisters, and they’ve brewed an old Davenports recipe, an Extra Stout, as part of Birmingham Beer Week!

Beers on Tap over the weekend include;

  • Pale Brummie – Cask
  • Beach Brummie – Keg
  • Bitter Brummie – Cask
  • Gold Brummie –  Keg
  • Fruity Brummie – Cask
  • Stout Brummie – Cask
  • Stirchley Lager – Keg
  • Extra Stout (Davenports Recipe) – Keg

Friday 27th July 4pm – 8pm
Saturday 28th July 12pm – 5pm

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