Birmingham Beer Week Collaboration Beer

The spirit of collaborative working is very much central to what Birmingham Beer Week is all about; as a celebration of beer and its culture we encourage our pubs, bars, breweries and venues to use this as an opportunity to work together to create something special.

This year’s Birmingham Beer Week collaboration brew is testament to that; a coming together of the brewing community in Birmingham to create a beer that will be available across the region.

When we sat down a few months ago with representatives from Attic Brewing, Birmingham Brewing Co, Davenports, Halton Turner Brewing, Lab Culture Brewing, Ostlers and Two Towers the room was bristling with ideas. We needed a style of beer that would not only be able to stand up to the input of seven brewers but would also be both sufficiently challenging to all involved. A number of ideas came and went including an IPA, a Kolsch style ale and a Saison; eventually however we arrived at Gosé. This near extinct style from Leipzig in Germany has been enjoying a resurgence recently, not least because the reworking that Magic Rock/Kissmeyer managed with their award winning Salty Kiss.

So how does Gosé relate to Birmingham? Well Birmingham maintains a twinned relationship with Leipzig so the style we have chosen for this year is every bit a celebration of that twin city nature as it is of beer itself.

Zwillinge” our Raspberry and Basil fruited Gosé is designed to retain as much of the tart, sour and defined saltiness that this classic style demands, but with an added a twist that will make it approachable to both casual and seasoned drinkers alike.

Keep an eye out on our website and social media feeds to see where Zwillinge will be appearing during #BrumBW19.

Venues Stocking Zwillinge

The Anchor Digbeth [Keg]
Attic Brew Co [Keg]
Birmingham Brewing Co [Cask]
Black Lab [Keg]
Bulls Head [Keg // Cask]
Cherry Red’s Cafe Bar [Keg]
The Wheely Thirsty [Cask]
Head of Steam Birmingham [Keg]
The Juke [Keg]
The Pint Shop Birmingham [Keg]
Stirchley Wines & Spirits (as part of the 60kilos event) [Keg // Cask]
The Gunmakers Arms [Cask]
Wildcat Tap [Keg // Cask]
The White Horse [Cask]

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