Ostlers Ale’s -

Ostler's is brewed in the brew kitchen to the rear of The White Horse...more a nano brewery.

2 York St, Birmingham B17 0HG

Ostler’s Ales of Harbourne which began brewing on a nano scale in January 2016 are named for the Middle English variant of the word “Hosteler”.  Based in a unit hidden behind The White Horse pub the brewery is co-owned by Colin Marlowe (licensee for The White Horse) and Glynn Preece .  Day to day operations are looked after by head brewer Nigel Beecroft and head of sales Andrew Morris.

The brewery currently brews on its 4.5bbl kit to service mainly the small estate of pubs owned by Ostler’s themselves with occasional beers making it out to local and regional beer festivals.  As a small brewery Ostler’s have tried not to confine themselves to a core range since their inception preferring instead to experiment with exotic strains of yeast, New World hops and unconventional malt grists.  Overtime however recipes have been revisited and refined and recently 2 IPAs Thoroughbred (5.2%,) and Tubthumper (5.5%) have become regular brews.  All beers produced by Ostlers are vegan friendly as no clarification agents or finings are used during the brewing process.

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