Lab Culture Brewery -

Ale but Einstein

6 Colemeadow Road, North Moons Moat,
Redditch, B98 9PB.

Lab Culture Brewery is the brainchild of our small, entrepreneurial team who have a thirst for innovative, environmentally-conscious design – Lab Culture’s craft beers are brewed using waste heat from our vertical farm,Vertivore, taking sustainable food production to the next level, quite literally.

Our vertical farm was not as green as the plants it was producing. When we realised that heat from the LED lights was being wasted a light came on (excuse the pun); After a few pints and a brain storming session down the pub the seed for the Lab Culture Brewery was planted. What better use is there for wasted heat than brewing beer? That’s right, our beer is ‘waste with taste’. Ale but Einstien!

Brewed in the style of American craft beers our concoctions are big on fruit and hops making for easy drinking. Plus, all our beers are unfined making them vegan friendly.

We find scalable solutions to problems in the waste, recycling and environmental sector. Our latest project has been to cultivate crops without the need for sun or soil. Why? You may ask. Well, with the number of mouths to feed expected to exceed 8.5 billion by 2030 the time is running out to find a sustainable solution to food production. Albert Einstein once famously said “ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

This is a sentiment we advocate in all we do. It is our mission to find sustainable solutions to some of the big problems we face today. But that is not all. Being idealists, we envisage doing so whilst creating a circular economy; A what? Simply put, our systems are designed to extract maximum value from their wasted resources.

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