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We are Moseley Beer Company, a newish microbrewery based in the finest suburb in the whole of South Birmingham.

Unit 36, 14-20 George St, Birmingham B12 9RG

What's On

We love all the beers from all the countries so our beers draw on influences from all around the world. From American style IPA’s to the subtle flavours of a British bitter, from historic or archaeological brews to never before seen brewing innovations. We will do what we can to keep our beers interesting and tasty.
Our beers are unpasteurised and suitable for vegans, except for the Mariana which has honey in. Sorry about that, but unlike a lot of the animal products used by breweries, which get rid of haze and things like that, the honey in the Mariana is vital to stay true to the damn fine victorian recipe it is based on. Also, with colony collapse disorder and crop pollination, we need the bees.

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