They Came From Under the Arch

Kilder Bar is one of the latest additions to Birmingham’s beer scene, with 15 taps of cold stored direct draw beer at their disposal, toasted cheese to die for and a cured meet and cheese selection that is punching well above its weight.  We’re happy to confirm that they’re very much on board with Birmingham Beer Week this year bringing with them 3 events tailored towards the beer lovers of the city.


First up part of the officially unofficial launch to beer week:

Thursday 19th July // North Brewing Co Meet The Brewer

15 beers from Leeds based North Brewing Co pouring (including some limited/small batch beers and new releases).  The guys from the brewery will be on hand to chat to thirsty attendees, also a gravy themed food special will be on the menu for one night only.  Having tried some of the other special whipped up by Kilder’s big brother Original Patty Men we can assure you this won’t just be Chips and Gravy!!!


Second on the calendar from Kilder is a beer showcase:

Saturday 21st July // U.S.A Mid-West(ish) Showcase

All 15 of Kilder’s taps will be pouring beer from the Mid-West(ish) region of the US; among the beers pouring there will be beer from Central Illinois’ Destihl Brewery who promise uncompromising flavour across all their beers.  We’re pretty sure this is the first time Birmingham has seen anything from these guys so we recommend getting on in there as soon as you can.  Food specials for the day will comprise of hot-dogs and chilli dogs so this really will be a huge slice of Americana in our backyard.


At Third base from Kilder is their Regional Meet the Brewer:

Friday 27th July // Regional Meet The Brewer – West Midlands

Five breweries from the West Midlands region across 15 taps (which by our calculations is 3 a piece); all of the respective brewers will be on hand for the evening so we might even see a few collaborative beers pouring.


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