Meet the Panel: Marverine Cole

Marverine Cole is an award-winning Journalist and Broadcaster. Live TV Presenting live Local, National and International News bulletins, as well as hosting live Lifestyle shows is her forte. No live situation phases her.

25 years working in the media, with 15 of those as a Journalist, and having clocked up over 3,500 hours of live scripted and unscripted TV presenting, it’s clear that Marverine is a seasoned Television News Presenter and Producer.

Marverine is one of Britain’s leading female beer commentators and is a Beer Sommelier (accredited by the UK Beer Academy). She is the first woman to ever win a Gold Award from the British Guild of Beer Writers. She also collected a second Beer Writers Guild award in 2013, alongside the British Beer & Pub Association for her role in fronting a video campaign which persuaded the Chancellor, George Osborne to axe the beer duty escalator.

Countless appearances on ITV and BBC Daytime shows with Alan Titchmarsh Show, Holly & Phil and Gabby Logan have seen Marverine conducting beer tastings with celebrities; discussing the history of beer and imparting her knowledge and passion for Britain’s national drink.

We are very lucky to count Marverine as one of our friends in the Birmingham beer scene and we are incredibly happy to include her in The Birmingham Beer Debate.  Marverine’s perspective not only as journalist, contributor to campaigns related to the beer and brewing industry and as both a connoisseur and beer lover definitely adds to the level of expertise that makes up our panel; tickets and full details of the event can be found via the link here.

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