Meet the Panel: John Keeling

To many in the brewing industry John Keeling is one of the most trusted and respected voices in UK brewing a position attained from his 40 year career in brewing for the Fuller’s Brewery in Chiswick.  The guiding hand that has helped Fuller’s continue to innovate and experiment with new beer styles, formats and flavours – something which has helped cement Fuller’s popularity with both beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

But where did it all begin?

John Keeling joined the brewing industry as a laboratory technician for Wilson’s Brewery in Newton Heath, Manchester in 1974 and, inspired by what he saw,  he left in 1977 to study for a degree in Brewing and Distilling at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. January, 1981 saw him join Fuller’s as a Junior Brewer. He has since held various positions at Fuller’s culminating in his promotion to Brewing Director in April 1999.  In January 2017, he handed over the reins to Georgina Young, who became Fuller’s first ever female Head Brewer.

Away from his normal work routine John is both an acclaimed judge and speaker beer competitions around the world; including several Beer World Cups and the Australian International Beer Awards.  On his watch Fuller’s has won many medals for their beer during his time as a brewer including the CAMRA Beer of the Year and Gold medals at the Beer World Cup.  In December 2017, John was appointed to the role of Chairman of the London Brewers’ Alliance. From here he has been instrumental in supporting the craft beer movement and is a continuing inspiration for many of today’s young brewers.

Now retired as of July 2018 from his role of Brewing Director, John continues to be a global ambassador for Fullers and fervent defender of the “Lunchtime Pint”.


John will be bringing his his wide ranging technical knowledge, wit and understated charm to The Birmingham Beer Debate, tickets and full details of the event can be found via the link here.

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