Meet the Panel: Ash Corbett-Collins

Ash Corbett-Collins is the youngest member of our panel, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he does not have a wealth of experience to share.  Born and raised in the capital of British brewing Burton-Upon-Trent and now residing in Birmingham he has had ample time to pick up a sound understanding of beer in his formative years.  Ash joined CAMRA in 2011, and attending branch meetings he has found himself on an upward trend having first served as vice-chair of Burton & South Derbyshire branch.  From there he volunteered Membership Secretary, Young Members Coordinator and Social Media Officer for the Great British Beer Festival.

In 2018 Ash campaigned and was successfully elected to CAMRA’s National Executive panel.  Ash is currently the youngest sitting member on NE panel at the Strategic Marketing Director; prior to becoming an executive director for CAMRA he has also held positions on their national youth coordination team and and communications committee.

Ash’s current focus in the strategic marketing role he fulfils for CAMRA is to ensure that the campaign continues onwards for future generations through a programme of inclusivity and modernisation.  Applying this line of thought to many of traditionally held attitudes and functions of the CAMRA membership.

Ash’s experience of shaping the direction of CAMRA and his desire to understand the industry from the perspective of youth will be a definite positive not only for the future of beer in the UK but also as a panel member for The Birmingham Beer Debate; tickets and full details of the event can be found via the link here.

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