I Know You, He Know Me… Come Together, Right Now!

When we think of the modern beer scene and what makes it especially exciting; one of the things that stands out and most excites us is the idea of collaboration.

There is always a palpable sense of excitement when we see luminaries from across the brewing world working together to produce a product which is both truly memorable and technically precise. With the brewing fraternity of Birmingham consistently growing year on year; we thought that 2019 would perfect to set our local breweries a challenge…

Get together and brew a beer!!!

With that mission statement in hand we locked representatives from Attic Brew Co, Birmingham Brewing Co, Davenports, Halton Turner Brewing Co, Lab Culture Brewery, Ostlers Ales and Two Towers Brewery in a room and let them get to discussing the specifics.  Once the logistical concerns we’re squared away they got to the important bit the beer itself; what would it, could it be?  How best could the collective energies of seven breweries be used to create one thought inspiring beer?  Well it looks like we will be getting our answer in the next few weeks as a brew date has been set; we’ll be doing our best to prise information out of them in the run up to main event but all they would tell us is that it involves “Twins”.

Oh, and just a heads up, profits from the sale of this collaboratiion brew will go to our #BrumBW19 Charity Partner – CLIC Sargent.

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