Gotta Keep Movin’…

Say what you will about the architecture of Birmingham, yes there is a certain reputation for being something of a concrete jungle; however in that melting pot of Brutalism, High Victorianism and Victorian Classicism there are some real gems that need to be seen to be believed.  Then there are our pubs, which mirror the architectural trends of the city, but what about those pubs that are no longer with us?


Still Walking presents Lost Pubs of Birmingham

Sunday 29th July 2018 // 13:00pm


For Birmingham Beer Week, Ben Waddington is bringing back the pub crawl of Birmingham Pubs of Yesteryear, where ‘last orders’ was called at some point in the last 100 years or more. Some are still standing vacant, awaiting new life, some in ruins, others are nearly invisible, disappearing back into the fabric of the city, with nearly no trace of their former existence. Ben will help you to read all the clues that make a Lost Pub.

The walk will last approximately 90 minutes and ends at Cherry Red’s.

Tickets for this walking tour are £5 per person and are available via the link below:

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