Sour Showdown [UK vs USA vs BEL] - 28th July


So when it comes to Wild/Spontaneous/Lambic styled beers who does it best?  Is it the United Kingdom, Belgium or the United States; there is only one way to find out:


Clink will be looking to answer the question definitively by presenting a three way blind tasting with beers cherry picked from each countries most lauded sour/mixed fermentation and Lambic producing breweries; with each beer being scored until a triumphant winner can finally be declared.   The brewery shortlist is already expected to feature beers from Cascade Brewing (US) whose barrel fermented fruited sours regularly sell out on day of release, Mills Brewing (UK) who have burst onto the UK brewing scene recently with a number of bold and fantastically constructed mixed fermentation beers from their  base in Gloucestershire and Cantillion (BEL) the respected family owned Lambic producers of Anderlecht in Brussels with their stable of lambic and guezue that are respected the world over.

Tickets: £30 per person (available to purchase in person at Clink or reserve via Email:

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