#BrumBW19 Growler Refill Discount - 19th - 28th July

10% Discount on all Growler refills* for the duration of #BrumBW19.


Stirchley Wines & Spirits use a state of the art counter-pressure growler filling system that uses the same principles as big breweries use in mass bottling lines. The beer dispensed into the growler remains fresh and keeps its carbonation and taste for up to 45 days of shelf life due to pressurised filling with CO2. There are always 4 amazing beers available to fill your growler with, so you won’t go home empty handed.

Growler Prices:
1.89l Growler – £10
750ml Growler – £7
+ Price of Beer

*This offer only applies to Growlers purchased from Stirchley Wines & Spirits.

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