Bottled Beer Tasting at Purecraft - 23rd July

6pm - 8pm

Beer is our passion and we love trying different beers and exploring how they match with beautiful food.


Our tasting sessions events include a tour of our Theatre of Beer, an introduction to hops,malts, yeast, the variety of beer styles and of course most importantly the opportunity to taste a range of beers and to match them with various tasters of food.

Tickets for the evening are priced at £10 per person available directly from the bar at Purecraft.


At Purity we’re passionate about beer with a bite, each of our award winning beers have been created with food matching in mind.

Purity Brewing Co. is a company dedicated to making a difference. In its award-winning products: Mad Goose, Pure Gold, Pure UBU, Saddle Black, Longhorn IPA, Lawless Lager and Bunny Hop – Purity demands premium quality and uniqueness. In service, Purity offers distinction, approachability and integrity.

Central to the brewer is a strong commitment to supporting the environment. Purity only uses natural ingredients, supports recycling programmes and respects the community. Also, waste products are recycled through a pond and wetland system. This sustainable eco-system helps minimise carbon dioxide emissions and encourage wildlife diversity.

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