Clink Triple Threat Bottle Tasting

Clink have rapidly garnered a reputation in Birmingham’s beer scene for delivering a number high profile limited bottle tastings since their opening in 2016.  So for Birmingham Beer Week 2018 we’re very happy to be able to report they are pulling out all the stops again with not one but three opportunities to get your hands on some fantastic beer at their Custard Factory based taproom.


BarleyWine Is Life // 

Barleywine is to many a frightening prospect; in an effort to dispel this myth Clink with help from a select audience will be tasting around 15 selected Barley Wines from across the globe.  So whether your idea of barley wine is the heavy and warming British variant or you’re more partial to the hop loaded US style barley wines there will definitely be something for you.  For the more extreme palette a number of barrel aged and blended barley wines will also be thrown into the mix…  This is not one for the feint of heart!

Trillium Fated Farmer Vertical Tasting //

Join the guys from Clink as they invite you to a closed tasting session of the Trillium Brewing “Fated Farmer” series; the session will include a chance to sample every variety from the series plus the Megablend.

Trillium Brewing started their journey in 2013 as a small brewery in Boston, Mass centered on community and creativity.  That small brewery has since developed into an exciting venue of collaboration and experimentation. Trillium is grounded in the concept of a New England farmhouse brewery, using local ingredients whenever possible.   The Fated Farmer series is part of their barrel/wild ale programme which is fermented in wood for 5-7 months before being maturated on locally procured seasonal fruit prior to packaging.

Sour Showdown (UK vs USA vs BEL) //

Sour, Mixed Fermentation, Lambic…  Who does it best?!?

Clink will be looking to answer the question definitively by presenting a three way blind tasting with beers cherry picked from each countries most lauded sour/mixed fermentation and Lambic producing breweries; with each beer being scored until a triumphant winner can finally be declared.   The brewery shortlist is already expected to feature beers from Cascade Brewing (US) whose barrel fermented fruited sours regularly sell out on day of release, Mills Brewing (UK) who have burst onto the UK brewing scene recently with a number of bold and fantastically constructed mixed fermentation beers from their  base in Gloucestershire and Cantillion (BEL) the respected family owned Lambic producers of Anderlecht in Brussels with their stable of lambic and guezue that are respected the world over.


As soon as we have calendar information and pricing details we’ll make sure they are released via the Birmingham Beer Week Events Calendar…

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